Friday, August 08, 2008

Limerick Friday LXXXVII: Awesome Opening Ceremony … Do You Smell Something Burning?

A ceremony to remember in Beijing
Don't worry about that pesky Tibet thing
And pay no attention to the pollution
Or that guy burning himself as a solution
At the Olympics, human rights ain't exactly king

The national convention will have a surprise speaker?
And it's not a pants-suit-wearing presidential seeker
The Democrats have turned to Clinton, but it's Bill
Not aging well, but he knows how to give crowds a thrill
For conservatives and Fox News, the outlook keeps getting bleaker

Preparing for the my fantasy draft
Taking Brett Favre would be pretty daft
Do I get points for Steve Smith's teammate punches?
Will Matt Leinart keep throwing picks in bunches?
I thought about picking a Dolphin, then just laughed

The White House is the next goal for Tyra Banks?
As what, the Cabinet Interior Secretary of Skanks?
She dressed up as Michelle Obama for Bazaar
With weight fluctuation that is rather bizarre
A manic-depressive joke as First Lady? No thanks

Jim Tressel runs a tight ship there at OSU
Suspended a coupla players for a game or two
Except one was supposed to miss last year's title game
But mysteriously reinstated, Donald Washington was his name
But Cheatie McSweatervest will make sure he's back for USC, 'tis true

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