Friday, October 27, 2017

Limerick Friday #438: Don't Look Now, But The Pack Has A Squad, Plus King Finally Translates To TV With A Win

The offensive line was a joke
So the coach did rails of coke
We play like a dump
So let me do a bump
The 'Fins in 2017, folks

5-3 so far on the year
In a schedule that's a bit queer
Solid roster top to bottom
Need a tight end if you got 'im
Jordan Reed is an injury fear

The Pack's pretty good, I swear
Though the local media doesn't care
They'd rather talk UNC-Cheat
And sniff jocks as part of their beat
While NC State continues its tear

On decency he's taken a dump
With the IQ and awareness of Gump
Embarrassing days for our nation
What's led us to this low station?
Hate in the age of Trump

Mr. Mercedes the surprise of the season
Freaked me out beyond reason
Stephen King well-translated to screen
Acting better than I've seen
Need a Season 2 if you pleasin'

Friday, October 06, 2017

Limerick Friday #437: Tom Petty Passing Got Me Free-Fallin’, Plus Fantasy Got Me Bobbin’ And Weavin’

Vegas hit us all in the mouth
Reflecting an America uncouth
Then Tom Petty died
And every music fan cried
Especially those of us “Down South”

Jitters made me want to heave
Penalties made me want to leave
But amidst all the elation
I ask you Wolfpack Nation
Are you finally ready to believe?

A racist dotard pile of blah
Has made us the world’s pariah
Ignored his own citizens in need
Threw them toilet paper indeed
This is who are now, America fuck yeah

One woman lived only on bread fat
To her, other ones kinda fed that
From a place that didn’t know comms
To one rife with pom-poms
Culture shock, thy name is Red Hat

A league with ever-changing rules
Filled with no-trading fools
A 14-team stalwart once
Now it’s like third-down punts
Fantasy football, a kick in the jewels