Friday, September 20, 2019

Limerick Friday #455: HBO Wins Most, Loses Some, Plus The Beautiful Campiness Of "Black Spot"

Purveyor of comedy sublime
John Oliver is hard to rhyme
A stammering Brit
Who's funny as shit
A legitimate hero for our time

A comeback loss like a sneak attack
For bitterness, it did not lack
When that's how it goes
It's how you knows
That fantasy football is back

HBO intrigued with a new show
Then it got stupid and slow
"Righteous Gemstones" ran outta gas
Not enough John Goodman, alas
Great premise without any get up and go

As the tank got rank
And the culture sank
The fans got pissed
And players got dissed
My only approach: just to drank

With eerie atmosphere it does scare
One character translates to "Teddy Bear"
The foreboding woods of France
With mysticism the show does dance
"Black Spot" is stellar Netflix fare