Friday, July 21, 2017

Limerick Friday #433: “Game Of Thrones” Returns Sets Social Media On Fire, Plus Roger Federer Are You Serious

Cersei running out of ways to go
Samwell tries to help Jon Snow
Sansa stunning to aspire
Arya a mercenary not for hire
Daenerys, how I’ve missed you so

The Hound, an attack of the feels
Bran reaches the wall and then heels
The White Walkers on the implacable march
Beric has an undying parch
GOT’s return made my mind reels

All of Westeros under attack
Of intrigue and drama, no lack
The Red Woman haunts my dreams
Even as evil as it seems
Melisandre, I need you back

A tailspin for the Metsies means
A fire sale coming to Queens
How much for a pitcher with the gout?
Or an old shortstop who only makes outs
Would settle for an old mitt and beans

Each backhand was rightly smote
For Cilic that was all she wrote
Roger Federer put the greatest stamp
On being Wimbledon’s greatest champ
Forever the motherf’ing GOAT

Friday, July 14, 2017

Limerick Friday #432: “Mr. Robot” Takes Summer By Storm, Plus Tales Of Failure

A couple years late
But I crashed the gate
To the Mr. Robot cult
It’s hit me like a bolt
For the next episode I can’t wait

Any postseason prospects are fake
There are no moves to make
Injuries struck them cold
Lots of vets just got old
This is the Mets at the All-Star break

Hiefers in clown pants
Harpies with inane rants
A brooch of a pork rind potlatch
A French fry feed bag to match
Deal only in won’ts and can’ts

Lost without or with
Success was only a myth
Wasted a year at State
Gott still stalks him to date
Have a nice NBA life, Dennis Smith

Season three ended pretty dire
Everything going up in fire
“Better Call Saul” a triumph in force
We’re sneaking up, of course
To where “Breaking Bad” touches the wire