Friday, December 02, 2016

Limerick Friday #416: A Satisfying, Argyle-Tinted Pummeling In Kenan, Plus The Scooters Try To Disenchant A Shamrock

 After mind-blowing defeats
The Pack again pounded the Cheats
Doeren mighta saved his job
And quieted a gathering mob
But can he put butts in seats?

A dictator suffered his last blow
Boy did that f’er last, though
Took him long enough, say the people
As they spit on a grave near a steeple
Good riddance to Fidel Castro

Six straight for the flying ‘Fins
Games have me on needles and pins
Football kinda fun once more
Intensity lies in store
As we chase the playoffs and wins

Instead of “Oh no, not again”
The Fins finding ways to win
While Doeren hears more boos
As State finds ways to lose
Here comes a Miami bandwagon
A 9-3 regular season
The playoffs are here for a reason
Didn’t want to face the commish
A horseshoe he often does polish
Let’s hope the Scooters top teasin’

Friday, November 18, 2016

Limerick Friday #415: “The Walking Dead” Continues Depression March, Plus “Westworld” Finds Its Stride

Negan appeared a little soon
To bring Alexandria to ruin
Abraham made use of a shovel
While Rick continued to grovel
Hope Maggie’s safe on a babymoon

The Scooters limping to the end
Can we not break and just bend?
Injuries are taking a toll
Suspension is slowing our roll
And the Vikes forgot how to defend

Reality set in with a thump
On democracy we just took a dump
To racists he gave a voice
The uneducated made a choice
May four years pass quickly under Trump

Credit for staying the course
When things were getting worse
A win the Pack had to get
To have any bowl hopes yet
And delay a Doeren-State divorce

“Westworld” has shot on the scene
Violence under a landscape serene
Where AI meets fantasy
And augmented reality
Is this part of the future obscene?

Friday, October 28, 2016

Limerick Friday #414: Benched Back Salvages ‘Fins Season, Plus TWD Goes All In On Reboot

A team making a gain
Can the Dolphins sustain?
Gase finally finding his footing
The proof is in the pudding
All aboard the J-Train

They once called him the King
Had panache and a ferocious swing
A stylish raker
A helluva drink maker
Arnold Palmer, your praise golfers sing

Poor acting was all it took
To kinda ruin a great book
“11.22.63” wasn’t terrible
The story made it bearable
Stephen King deserved a better look

Players dropping like flies
But this fantasy coach really tries
I’ve moved to 6-1
But health, I need a ton
Before another great season dies

The uneven “Walking Dead”
That every fan did dread
The time had long come
To lose key cast and then some
But didn’t need to see that part of Glenn’s head

Friday, October 14, 2016

Limerick Friday #413: The Soundtrack Of Baseball Bids Adieu, Plus State Rocks Like A Hurricane

A golden voice from the west
Evoked diamonds and homers and the rest
His was the sound of summer
His goodbye was a joyous bummer
Vin Scully, you were always the best

A sad goodbye to the Mad Hatter
Tons of wins didn’t matter
At a shit-ton of grass
Allergic to the forward pass
Les Miles, come help State climb the ladder

If this were a race
The 'Fins just fell on their face
A new year but all the same weakness
We're the burro running the Preakness
Better show something soon, Gase

Same ol' Mets I feel ya
They need a mojo healah
An offense full of jokes
And a 'pen of chokes
Somehow it all seemed Familia

Turned the Irish into a dud
With a slippery slide and a thud
Made Notre Dame swoon
In a Carter-Finley monsoon
Then celebrated with a roll in the mud

Last time

Friday, September 23, 2016

Limerick Friday #412: It’s Just A Game And Everything Will Be OK, Plus But Also Miami Is The Same As It Ever Was

A Carter-Finley game night
Makes for an amazing sight
Kids see the charms
While fans are up in arms
People don’t always look at it right

Belicheat has done it again
Third-stringers, win after win
But the culture of cheat
Just continues to repeat
Sure Goodell will fine them a ten

Gave myself a gentle rebuke
For a diploma that looks like puke
But long hours made it hard-earned
With coffee and lessons learned
Now go find me another job, Duke

The Scooters continue to wreck ‘em
Without a thing from Odell Beckham
Jeffries doesn’t get the ball
Stewart does nothing but fall
Waiver wires, I continue to check ‘em
Another sideline face that’s strange
To try for the six-win range
One more mouthpiece and head
But they all shit the bed
The Dolphins will never change

Friday, September 16, 2016

Limerick Friday #411: The Pack Goes Very Pack In Bizarre Loss To EZU, Plus HBO’s Latest Is A Mindbender

More aggressiveness on D, I’m implorin’
The penalties, more focus, less snorin’
A solid win pissed away
In a very NC State way
Clock’s now tickin’ for lost Dave Doeren

Stole your job and your role
Because neither one has a soul
Now you ride your bike with Olive Oyl
And bring Beth’s blood to a boil
Don’t let the door hitcha, a-hole

Played hard in Seattle, no frills
A tough D with lotsa thrills
But slipped through the grasp
Like a 70-yard pass
That was so very Kenny Stills

Moments I wish you had seen
Parties at which you shoulda been
Four years gone in a blink
But time doesn’t make me think
Less of the incomparable Maureen

“The Night Of” a riveting win
HBO has done it again
Racist and justice on trial
A show more than worthwhile
So far a 9 out of 10

Friday, September 02, 2016

Limerick Friday #410: The Torrid Summer Of Thrones, Plus Wolfpack Football Returns A Coupla Days Early

Raced through Game of Thrones
With laughs, gasps, and moans
Dany crossing the narrow sea
Jon Snow victories with a “V”
But Arya has the most stones

The eve of another fantasy year
The draft looms with a hint of fear
Pick high for a change
Which is gonna be strange
Shifting back into football gear

I let the Reserves down, Sarge
And suffered a fracture large
Doubled when I should have dutched
Now I’m fully crutched
Right when Kami put me in charge

“Stranger Things” was a fun romp
Intensity and humor without pomp
More “Goonies” than “Lost”
Season two should be boss
Woke up summer TV with a stomp

Finley got the start
State played with losta heart
Ran the ball almost every play
Penalties made it a mediocre day
But the Pack took the Tribe apart