Friday, August 29, 2014

Limerick Friday LXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXI: Comedy Will Never Be The Same, Plus A Jarring Transition Back To Reality

A comedic genius lost too soon
Spark criticism from many a loon
But what can’t be lost
Is a legacy at all cost
Robin Williams took us all to the moon

The ‘Fins can’t seem to avoid
Suspensions for the steroid
First it was Jordan the bust
Then Reshad Jones thought it a must
With placebos they seem to have toyed

Like a forgotten Christmas toy
“The Killing” returned to my joy
A mini-season on NetFlix
Overall, wouldn’t be in my favorite picks
But the ending was perfect, oh boy

Reliving an epic PGA
Rory capped a remarkable day
Outdueled Fowler and Philly Mick
Even Stenson before he lost his stick
Tigger’s been unseated, I’d say

The planning was more than clever
It rained almost freaking never
A week in Nogs Head
Nothing I’d rather do instead
Only the best vacation of ever

Friday, August 01, 2014

Limerick Friday LXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX: Sun Rises On A New Season, Plus Football Has Arrove

As fall does begin
A do-over for the Pack again
Expectations are all moot
When you get down to it, shoot
Let’s start with a conference win

Just before getting married
Unconscious, so Rice carried
Off an elevator, what a thrill
A pre-honeymoon if you will
A story Goodell couldn’t buried

The O line a continuing prob
Making Tannehill want to sob
Pouncey a punk and galoot
Will miss half the year to boot
But still ‘Fins optimism you can’t rob

An end to incessant movin’
Three months in, I’m proven
Go above and beyond a bit
Then they put a ring on it
Go permanent and keep groovin’

The last pick once again mine
Though that’s really just fine
I pick 14th, this is true
But 15th is mine, too
Draft spot never slowed my incline