Friday, April 22, 2016

Limerick Friday #402: The British Overrun Augusta, Plus “Vinyl” Turns Finale Up To 11

 For all those who had a golf hanker
The Masters went to a wanker
Danny Willett a great story
But no Day, Johnson, or Rory
Spieth reacted like a pissy banker

As spinoffs goes
“Fear the Walking Dead” kinda blows
Have always liked Kim Dickens
The rest of cast lame chickens
Like a made-for-TV movie shows

Miami’s got needs and musts
For their annual festival of busts
The offseason quietly good
Can they draft like they should?
Or leave me head-shaking and cussed

John Oliver is an heir
To the genius of Colbert
Meticulous details
With laughter regales
Cross him only if you dare
A memorable “Vinyl” finale
Richie with a nice little rally
The Nasty Bits rock
Boosting Alibi stock
Season 2 should be interesting, pally

Friday, April 08, 2016

Limerick Friday #401: “The Walking Dead” Whimpers Into The Offseason, Plus Augusta Takes Over The Sports Stage

Once a pulse-pounding show
Is quickly losing mojo
Negan with his Lucille banger
Reduced by a needless cliffhanger
TWD is losing audience as they go

Goodbye to the Martin twins
As the Pack roster thins
A crossroads time for Gott
As his seat starts to get hot
Only way out is recruiting and wins

“Vinyl” has made the leap
Digging into issues deep
From race to religion to murder
The writers keep pushing it further
Makes you laugh, dance, and weep

A dramatic buzzer beater
Fans cried at Harris Teeter
Quite a run, but now it’s ovah
The year belonged to Villanova
Karma for each and every cheater
The morning dew is clear
Green grass that could bring a tear
Magnolias scent the air
The vision of a golf love affair
Masters means spring’s truly here