Friday, May 30, 2014

Limerick Friday LXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXI: Many Giant Leaps For “Mad Men,” Plus Farewell To The Gifted Maya Angelou

A furious midseason finale
Chose nerd over douche, did Sally
Bert Cooper died in high style
For divorce Megan will file
Don and Roger threw Cutler down a valley

Peg fabricated a family
Nailed a presentation emotionally
Against a moon landing backdrop
Roger steps up to stop Cutler’s co-op
Are the best things in life really free?

A douche and fiancé soon parted
O’er the phone? A bit retarded
Ah well, such is Rory
A new chapter for his story
Check out the 63 he just carded

For murder, he put his teaching on the shelf
That’s how Walter White found himself
“Dead man walking,” in the doctor’s voice
Cooking meth the natural next choice
The best pilot ever, I do say myself

From sex worker to cook
From singer to the book
Maya Angelou, an extraordinary life
Balancing achievement with strife
With words and sentiment she did hook

Friday, May 23, 2014

Limerick Friday LXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX: “House of Cards” Manages To Hyperbolize Even Politics, Plus “Mad Men” Careening Toward Midseason Finale

“House of Cards,” I have a beef
Involving suspension of disbelief
The Veep a serial killer
Equal parts comedy and thriller
Will Frank become Convict in Chief?

When it was all on the line
Looked like the Pack was fine
Then a blind ump happened
Disappointing season did end
Avent shoulda paid a fine

The return of Jack Bauer
“24” makes an amusing hour
Chloe a tatted punk hacker
Audrey back as a dour cracker
Miss Kim but not Jack’s glower

Again my head I did bow
To be better, that was my vow
Maybe you were in the wind
As love and memory I did send
A void that’s just part of me now
Don took pity on Peg
Said goodbye again to Meg
Ghey Bob proposed to Joan
Pete once again alone
The rep of SCDP has flown

Friday, May 16, 2014

Limerick Friday LXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXIX: Nipsy Russell Did Not Appear On “Mad Men,” Plus Not Feeling A Draft At The Beach

Lou and Cutler scheming everywhere
Stephanie arrived from nowhere
Don had threesome with Meg
Ginsberg gave his nipple to Peg
Betty got berated and didn’t care

Every year I preach
Pick value and don’t reach
Once again the Fins didn’t listen
Got fans moanin’ and pissin’
Glad I missed most of it at the beach

The front desk, just a little contentious
Wrightsville was kinda pretentious
With people, we were up to our necks
Really missed the OBX
But a day outta town was conscientious

Donald Sterling and his heinous broads
The NBA is full of frauds
His wife like an old leather bag
His mistress, a plastic hag
Put ‘em all on the moon, good gawds

HBO outprograms and outwits
They just keep churnin’ out hits
“Silicon Valley” is awkward humor
“Veep” is a fast-paced funny zumor
Summer TV is gonna be the pits

Friday, May 02, 2014

Limerick Friday LXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXVIII: A Too-Long Hiatus Ends, Plus TV Be Heatin’ Up

Don takes a backseat
But continues his deceit
Roger’s orgies have him floored
Peg a minimized slumlord
Megan has me hitting rewind and repeat

Draft winds a-blowing
But no one’s knowing
Just where anyone is leaning
The Fins head careening
Toward more of me oh-no-ing

“Silicon Valley” taking over Sunday night
With lines like “VP of Spite”
The latest triumph from Mike Judge
Examining tech’s satirical sludge
So far, all the caricatures are right

An avoidance of back-nine disasters
Delivered another Masters
To Bubba Watson, weeping
Lack of drama had many sleeping
But I’ve never seen Augusta greens faster

A new gig for Scoot
A team that seems astute
What a nice change
To give me more range
And fewer wankers to boot