Friday, November 29, 2019

Limerick Friday #457: "Castle Rock" Is Back With A Blast, Plus It's All Crashing Down Around Elliott

"Castle Rock" has Annie Wilkes on board
An intense backstory, good lord
Stephen King just got even funner
Season 2 is a freaking stunner
Lizzy Kaplan needs every award

A Rookie of the Year rules the town
A Cy Young winner mowing them down
Polar Bear crushed balls without reason
de Grom, another impeccable season
Yet the Mets still without a division crown

The injured have become a pile
While Goff misfires by a mile
A player lost each week
This year is just peak
Fantasy football Scooters style

Points leader losing games
Bad luck may be to blame
But isn't it strange
That the leagues change
Yet the horseshit stays the same

A "Mr. Robot" swan song
Intensity has been there all along
Elliott with memories suppressed
Split personalities to digest
Hacking capitalism cannot be wrong