Friday, August 28, 2015

Limerick Friday LXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX: Human Dump Trump Presides Over Republican Dumpster Fire, Plus Sark The Sot Is A Thing That Happened

A collection of WASP-y tools
Misogynist and racist fools
This is the state of the GOP
If they were on fire, who would pee
A clown car full of loose stools

Mouthed off to the wrong dude
Now he drinks his food
Geno Smith is the face of the Jets
A bit swollen now, I would guess
They even make the Dolphins look shrewd

Another shooting, another day
“Senseless,” the word on replay
Gun control is worth a debate
If it’s rational and without hate
Before another innocent does pay

Another fantasy season
Has arrived, if you’re pleasin’
Our league is leaking owners
Who were tired of being donors
I’m back, for whatever reason
News from the Pac 12 region
Trouble at USC is legion
Coach shows up drunk
Like a frat-douche punk
Well-played, Steve Sarkisian

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Friday, August 07, 2015

Limerick Friday LXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXIX: Division-Leading Mets Signal Apocalypse, Plus Controversy Mars Football’s Start

 After many a puzzling move
The Mets have found their groove
Brought in some bats
To boost first-place stats
Enjoy it now, it does behoove

Lies continue to pour-a
The media he does ignore-a
A ‘roided-up coach
With a myopic approach
Hilarious Larry Fedora

Reading headlines out there
You might not be aware
But football has returned
Sports radio never learned
No one does listen or care

The Bills’ child abuser
Paid off the accuser
He’s back on the field
Representing the shield
Aaron Kromer, the biggest loser
Race talk surrounds the Iggles
Avoiding the issue with wiggles
Say what you will ‘bout Chip Kelly
Sad that slander plays on the telly
And on the radio for giggles