Friday, October 28, 2016

Limerick Friday #414: Benched Back Salvages ‘Fins Season, Plus TWD Goes All In On Reboot

A team making a gain
Can the Dolphins sustain?
Gase finally finding his footing
The proof is in the pudding
All aboard the J-Train

They once called him the King
Had panache and a ferocious swing
A stylish raker
A helluva drink maker
Arnold Palmer, your praise golfers sing

Poor acting was all it took
To kinda ruin a great book
“11.22.63” wasn’t terrible
The story made it bearable
Stephen King deserved a better look

Players dropping like flies
But this fantasy coach really tries
I’ve moved to 6-1
But health, I need a ton
Before another great season dies

The uneven “Walking Dead”
That every fan did dread
The time had long come
To lose key cast and then some
But didn’t need to see that part of Glenn’s head

Friday, October 14, 2016

Limerick Friday #413: The Soundtrack Of Baseball Bids Adieu, Plus State Rocks Like A Hurricane

A golden voice from the west
Evoked diamonds and homers and the rest
His was the sound of summer
His goodbye was a joyous bummer
Vin Scully, you were always the best

A sad goodbye to the Mad Hatter
Tons of wins didn’t matter
At a shit-ton of grass
Allergic to the forward pass
Les Miles, come help State climb the ladder

If this were a race
The 'Fins just fell on their face
A new year but all the same weakness
We're the burro running the Preakness
Better show something soon, Gase

Same ol' Mets I feel ya
They need a mojo healah
An offense full of jokes
And a 'pen of chokes
Somehow it all seemed Familia

Turned the Irish into a dud
With a slippery slide and a thud
Made Notre Dame swoon
In a Carter-Finley monsoon
Then celebrated with a roll in the mud

Last time