Friday, February 20, 2015

Limerick Friday LXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXVXX: Debbie Downers Overtake TWD, Plus Brian Williams Morphs Into Bill Brasky

Beset by give-up urges
As depression surges
A pep talk from Rick
Seems to do the trick
Until a new threat emerges

Trying to steal Beast Mode’s thunder
Is their unoriginal blunder
Call them the new Punk Brothers
Westbrook, Durant and others
Blame the media for what, I wonder?

A racing year has passed
Since I bolted a wreck fast
The vision of Magoo
And schizos in charge, too
Landed someplace I can last

Handchecking every dribble and drive
For fairness, State did strive
No, it wasn’t Cameron Indoor
But the Pack still ruled the floor
Beat Pitino to keep hopes alive
Bill Brasky, he thought he was
Fabricates stories, he does
Brian Williams made it all up
Should have to pee in a cup
Shoulda been shit-canned, cuz

Friday, February 13, 2015

Limerick Friday LXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXVXIX: An Agonizing Adieu for TWD’s Gentle Giant, Plus Stewart’s Departure Leaves A Void For Journalism

The moral authority of the team
Made him expendable, it seems
Sloppiness cost us Tyrese
Brought the gang to its knees
Will this group come apart at the seams?

A legend has slipped away
A paver of Tobacco Road, you would say
The Dean of Four Corners
Left lots of mourners
I’ll remember him from the ACC’s glory day

The Grammys, a depressing zoo
A plagiarizing, no-talent crew
A ho-chasing tool
And unoriginal fool
Kanye, they’re laughing at you

Ed Sabol personified the game
Gave the violence a name
Told a story through his art
Film gave football its start
The NFL will never be the same

Blended comedy and commentary
Shined a light on politics scary
Jon Stewart revolutionized news
To the networks, he put the screws
A huge loss for verbal thrust and parry

Friday, February 06, 2015

Limerick Friday LXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXVXIII: Pete Carroll Forgets To Stay Out Of The Way, Plus TWD Tries Not To Jinx Itself

The Seahawks on the verge of bling
And a back-to-back title thing
Then Carroll tried to coach
Thanks to his encroach
Handed Belicheat a sixth ring

Beat up by the league’s dregs
No rebounding and a lack of legs
Passion is lacking
The fouls are stacking
Stop the bleeding, Gottfried begs

Fans jumping ship like roaches
While other teams find good coaches
Latest scapegoat is Mike Wallace
But in this I take solace
Philbin’s last year approaches

I used to enjoy his rap
But he’s just another piece of crap
A fraud who buys ‘hos like lunch
The NFL Network’s got a bunch
This is the tale of Warren Sapp

The first half was kinda great
Will the second uphold the same fate?
“The Walking Dead” is finally back
Can they pick up on the same track?
Or will the pacing once more abate?