Friday, December 21, 2018

Limerick Friday #448: The Wolfpack May Have Finally Found A Winner (Or 20), Plus Disney Never Fails

Once our roster was thinner
Like Manute Bol skipping dinner
Now the Pack is 10-baller deep
On the national scene we do creep
Because Kevin Keatts is a winner

Topical, with irony skipped
From the headlines, it's totally ripped
"Man in the High Castle" returned
With rage, Season 3 burned
Into a frenzy the storyline got whipped

'Tis the holiday season once more
I've avoided almost every mall store
A time for memories old and new
And tears shed solely for you
A rose for Mom, still missed to the core

Early Signing Day arrived with a bang
With athletes the future could hang
Trying to build that in-state wall
Like Trump's, except real and tall
Reminds me of when Chuck Amato sang

A week full of rides and lines
Of snacks, joy, and Jedi signs
Disney made us tired but blessed
With two kids asleep on my chest
Magic is still possible in these times